Aunique offering a myriad of tantalizing grilled ingredients, flamed in a spectacular open-style kitchen at U.A.E’s most fond shopping destination – “Nesto Hypermarket”

“Foodbook” is our readiness to bring a new culinary star into our stable, with pioneering possibilities. As good fortune would have it, the right place coincided with the right time, and U.A.E’s most avant-garde Indian restaurant opened its doors. What has resulted is a sensational interior to match its novel style of Indian cuisine creating a restaurant with allure.

Our contemporary take is rooted in age-old traditions, thus delivering taste sensations that take you beyond your expectations but with a reminder of the origins. Foodbook’s preparatory methods includes the core Indian grilling styles of Dum Pukth (Slow Oven Cooking), Tandoor (a really hot clay oven), Sigri (cooking over a coal flame) and Tawa (searing and griddling on a very hot plate). With a desire to enhance a multitude of fresh ingredients, clothed, marinated and dipped in secret and unusual combinations, the food is prepared for sharing, for pleasurable moments and for excitement.

Moving away from conventions, we have the widest selection of South Indian Cuisine in the whole of United Arab Emirates.

About Sasya

Sasya, is a contemporary and authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant, offering its patrons a delightful range of excellent cuisine, which remains faithful to the best culinary traditions of Indian sub-continent. The warm hospitality of our staff combined with the unique décor of our restaurant ensures a memorable and enjoyable dining experience for all our guests.

Our menu traverses the Indian sub-continent from the delectable South Indian cuisine to the traditional rich curries of North India and the Punjab.

We make use of the freshest ingredients and finest spice combinations, to create delicious sattvic vegetarian cuisine that is consistent with the tenets of a holistic dietary requirement. Diners are transported to a world where tastes are exquisite and unparalleled to guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.

Our pride is the pioneer vegetarian delicacies that we are real deal.